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Before the “It’s Going Down” rapper could further explain, Bambi interrupted him to gain a better understanding, saying, “You were still with Karlie and you met Kendra.” Joc hesitantly agreed.The Streetz 94.5 fm radio host also indicated that he was seemingly ready to marry Kendra, hinting that she may be the “one” for him.If Kendra knows that, she isn’t going to care about Karlie.(In case you’re wondering, Joc has a 17-year-old son, Amoni, with Fatimah; “several children” together with his first wife, Alex, one of whom is his son Amir; fraternal twins with his third baby mama Carla; and twin daughters Eden and Allon by his fourth baby mama Sina.To God I will ALWAYS give glory for this accomplishment. Robinson #Esq #Attorneyatlaw #Black Woman Attorney #yourhonor #we’rereadyfortrial #ilovemyprofession💪🏾 Speaking of throwbacks, here’s the earliest pic we could find of Joc and Kendra together.He carried me over every obstacle and through every moment of my study of law. She shared it all the way back on September 20th, 2016.

Attorney Robinson has used these skills and lessons to provide her clients with top of the line legal services.

For now, we’ll focus on Kendra’s big introduction, which you can revisit on VH1’s site here (unfortunately, the clip isn’t embeddable).

According to Joc, he met Kendra when the “real woman” was a couple of years removed from law school and building up her reputation.

Was there cross over between Joc's relationship between Karlie AND Kendra!?

🧐 Scrappy and Bambi try to get to the bottom of the mess in this #LHHATL bonus clip!

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