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We have enough time to see whom we put online, and whom we say Good luck. Group 1 – Clients who don’t plan anything with us in advance, just come to Odessa and call our agency: “Hello, I would like to be introduced to ladies of your agency.” Yes, personal meeting is the only reliable way to know the person.

I get these emails often from new clients which is good, it means I am talking to a thinking, critical person and not an infantile dependent man who expects the agency will make him married and do all the stuff. And here the predictable scenario shows up: days in Odessa melt while ladies read your profile and consider your photos, asking our matchmaker how serious she finds you to be, and try to tailor their time during the day, just like all of us do when something unexpected happens. Guess what the success rate here is, when not even all desired dates take place?

Here ladies like when a man looks mature and good, take advantage of this fact.

If she takes care about her look she definitely cares about the way her man looks.

We know here that westen men make caring husbands, stable providers and tender fathers for future kids, they respect women and seek lover, friend, life-partner in a woman.

These are quite attractive reasons for ladies to try their luck out)).

Well, our 21% success rate in this group is cool then! Group 2 – Clients who contact us some time in advance before they come to Odessa with us on romantic tour, and prearrange their meetings with ladies in advance, being introduces to ladies properly, revealing constructive attitude here.

A man of 50 years old, for example, can pay much attention to the way he looks, and may look much younger his age, or- he may not really pay attention on it, so the look may be more than factual age.

Visit our cosmetologist before the date and she will make you really fresh and shining. Needless to say that taking a very young woman as a wife, man also takes quite a big responsibility: such men have to stay young and in good shape in the next 40 years, raising children and enjoying life together with his young wife!

For already decades of years we experience heavy gender disbalance, this social phenomenon is actually mentioned merely in all soviet movies.

Known motivation of foreign men to create a family.

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