Women dating and money

Not surprisingly, there are many who say these sites are simply a haven for “gold diggers” and men with more money than sense.He’s a man who spoils and pampers a young woman to gain sexual intimacy or affection.

The site also contains members who are married or in a relationship and are seeking extra marital affairs.Members who have been verified by the site gain a special seal of approval on their dating profiles, so that women can see that the financial credentials and personal identities of these men have been checked.It’s vitally important for would be users to distinguish between sites which verify user credentials and those that leave it to the “honor system“.“Typically” he’s a mature man who has reached a certain point in his life in terms of wealth, career and status, while the woman may be young, and looking for a financially secure partner to take care of her – without the commitment of a serious relationship.This type of relationship doesn’t have to be between an older man and younger woman (although it usually is).

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