Who is lydia paek dating

When JYP’s girl group phenomenon TWICE released the catchy tune, it exploded like not much else did last year. The time of summer bops had long since passed, making way for the cuddles and Eskimo kisses of winter ballads and holiday-infused tracks.

To see a song so upbeat and so incredibly full of spring-like inflection have such a commanding presence is not necessarily surprising in terms of the scope of pop music and trends, but it is in terms of timing.

At the heart of SM Performance style is the emphasis on music that makes a good performance, combining a wide range of different styles into one song to create something that can lie as the backdrop to a great dance routine.

This has led to the creation a frenetic, unyielding style which, regardless of whether you like it or hate it, is hard not to pay attention to.

The song was reasonably successful on its own, but when artists like Eric Nam, Akdong Musician, BTS and labelmate Tablo of the legendary Epik High offered their unique interpretations, it took off to the point that Western artists like Michael Bublé started giving their take on the ballad.

In that same vein, “TT” impacted Korean music in such a way that artists and dancers from various genres were enchanted enough to give the track a go in both song and choreography.

– The first artist Crush ever worked with was Loco. – The American artist he would like to collaborate with is Norah Jones. TV interview) – He won 1st place at “Spacing Out” contest in Korea. TV interview) – Differently from Crush who has a cool image, he says Shin Hyo Seob is actually a silly person.

– Crush’s ideal type: Scarlett Johansson, Red Velvet’s Irene.

– He is a director of the vocal Team in “Under Nineteen“.

It’s no surprise Lydia is one of YG’s most coveted producers.

Her vocal range is astonishing, and the amount of soul she injects into a song that, make no mistake, is as sugary sweet as any other pop phenomenon to come out of Korea is so incredibly unreal it has to be praised.

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