When did evan rachel wood start dating marilyn manson

The dissolution of his marriage did influence his album as did his romance with Wood. Wood is legally an adult and can date/screw whoever she pleases and she is certainly over the age of consent./Watched Lolita last night//Jeremy Irons screwing Dominique Swain was slightly odd///Book was better Why do they always pick Jeremy Irons for those type of movies. If he even played a character having sex with his own wife on his wedding night I would feel creepied out about it.eightballart: Hard to say, but given that being engaged to Ms.Antichrist Superstar (co-produced by Trent Reznor) was an even greater success. Manson first worked as a producer with the band Jack Off Jill.He helped name the band and produced most of the band's early recordings, and also played guitar on the song "My Cat" and had the band open most of his South Florida shows.Manson made his film debut in 1997 as an actor in David Lynch's Lost Highway.Since then, he has appeared in a variety of minor roles and cameos.I was under the understanding that the marraige was ended because he cheated on Dita. At least he could finally find someone at his maturity level, I just I hope he still wants her when she turns 20. I was really hoping he would turn out to be an Alice Couper, but he never really got it.I've been seeing a pattern emerge with his girlfriends/fiancees/wives and his albums: Antichrist Superstar- dated Missy, uber-goth chick Mechanical Animals- engaged to Rose Mc Gowan, hollywood 'starlet'Holy Wood- broke up with Rose, wrote album single Golden Age of Grotesque- engaged to Dita von Teese, burlesque dancer/model Eat Me, Drink Me- broke up with Dita, dated Lolitaesque Evan Rachel Wood It seems like the tone/theme of each album corresponds to who he's dating at the time.

what the fark is up with all the manson shiat on here lately? Once again I reiterate that all the Farkers who seem to hate Manson and think he is an attention whore sure do give him loads of greenlit threads with loads of responses.I count 4 on the Showbiz page over the past few days.I guess someone's trying to make a comeback...using Fark.He was working towards a degree in journalism and gaining experience in the field by writing articles for a music magazine, 25th Parallel.In his role as music interviewer, he soon met several of the musicians to whom his own band was later compared, including Groovie Mann from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. While with The Spooky Kids, Manson teamed with Jeordie White (also known as Twiggy Ramirez) and Stephen Gregory Bier Jr.

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