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Instead of posting pictures and videos to your wall on Facebook, or including links in a tweet like on Twitter, Kaneva lets you share them in a way that mimics a face-to-face meeting.

The technology is having the most public beta test possible right now; all kinds of people -- game developers, filmmakers, the usual marketing rabble -- are trying to figure exactly how to strike gold inside the virtual space.Discover just a few of the features available in our VR systems: Virtual Reality is no longer a dream.It's here – in all its stunning, three-dimensional glory.Players start out in one of four cities: the justice-loving, Mercinae; Thakria, a city of debauchery and darkness; the freethinking seaside town of Parrius; and Springdale, a small village transformed recently into a bustling economy.The universities in these towns serve to educate the citizens to become knights, magicians, thieves, sorcerers, bards, and other types of people who inhabit the kingdom.

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