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The only reason they had bought that guitar was because it was the cheapest 3/4 guitar in the store.I was so impressed that I went online to find out more. In a day and age when everything is available on the internet, we don't know what to do when you literally can't buy something online.Manufacturing in China, at least for the most part, they make a wide range of instrument.Everything from student guitars to Acoustics made for solid wood and Fishman pickup systems.Ventura not only keeps small, local stores in mind, but they allow people access to quality instrument at nearly any price point.If you are looking for great deal on a quality instrument, find a Ventura dealer and try them for your self.We are located in Ventura and welcome friends from all surrounding cities! The organizers of VSR are not liable for any illness, injury, accident, mechanical break-down, or unforeseen acts that may occur while participating in or following any activity.

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Over 40 vendors, huge dance floor, live DJ all day, huge beer garden, 10 food trucks, free and paid parking. Go to https:// for more information and to purchase tickets.

We will have a $$ basket at each event for donations. Organizers are volunteers and are not compensated for any activity.

VSR organizers are not are not trained leaders and we do not confirm the qualifications of any of its members to lead or participate in trips.*** The day will include live country music held at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club in Carpinteria from 1pm - 7pm.

So I picked it up and played a little bit to get the feel of it. It looked like a decent student guitar and it sounds better than most student guitar I've seen.

When I asked about were they found it, I was told they had bought it in a local shop.

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