Validating null in pl sql

It’s best to give an example to get an idea what is what Expectation is a set of the expected value(s), actual values(s) and the matcher(s) to run on those values.Matcher is defining the comparison operation to be performed on expected and actual values.

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So whilst the password is forced to be changed on a time based basis there are no rules to make the password strong or long.

Apex.item()set Custom Validity Set a validation message on an Item; can be set to a message (overwritten by the data-valid-message item attribute) or to null to make the item valid.

Apex.item()Validity.valid Returns true if the item is valid, otherwise false.

Even someone emailed me to confirm the answer to this question this week and even though I emailed back I thought it would be a good subject for a blog post here.

If you specify password rules such as the key space to be used (the characters allowed to be used in the password) or the lifetime of the password in the database or the length or many more rules that you can conjure up then these rules can be applied to every user via profiles in the database so that the passwords can be enforced including the length.

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