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Also out are stories of "wife-swapping, sexual abuse, and other harmful information." The same goes for explicit pictures and text, such as nude photos and erotic anime, all of which are now banned on We Chat.

Users who ignore the ban will be subject to a one-week suspension the first time they're caught.

Some of China’s largest Internet companies deleted 60,000 online accounts in February because they were linked to the spreading of rumors, pornography and terrorism, the CAC said.

Although pornography remains a perennial target, censors have also cracked down on “rumor-spreading,” something critics say may be used a pretext for restricting speech on subjects deemed politically sensitive.

We Chat, known as Weixin in China, is by far the country’s most popular messaging app with 500 million users.

Citing its potential to destabilize society, or in the case of pornography, damage mental health, censors have sought to exert greater control over the Internet and social media apps.

After four slaps on the wrist, accounts that continue to run afoul of the rules will be banned permanently.

This is China's latest attempt to clean up the Internet.

Porn has long been on the radars of the censors in China, but now the country is expanding its campaign against what it deems immoral material.Whether merely seeking to distance themselves from the offending accounts or truly believing in the immorality of the content that was shared, that type of public oversight is what Chinese sensors have been asking of the public.Back in May of 2014, China called on its citizens to speak up and report cases in which We Chat users shared information that may be representing violence, terrorism or pornography."Some people are using [We Chat] to disseminate negative or illegal harmful information to the public, seriously damaging the Internet system and hurting public interest, causing dissatisfaction among Internet users," Chinese state media quoted an unnamed official as saying.Much research has been done studying the relationship between media control and authoritarian regime durability.In this report, we examine one method of online information control by the world’s most sophisticated regulator of the Internet, China.

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