Updating podcasts in itunes

Anyone will attest to the fact that there is a list of simple features missing from the formidable i Tunes.

Its inability to automatically upload new music to your library has been at the top of my personal list.

You cannot get i Tunes to stop doing this, sadly, and I don't think you can exactly re-implement the Doug's Applescripts solution for expired playlists for Windows - it relies on manually updating each podcast rather than calling update all.

And the i Tunes COM object does not seem to expose a way to update individual podcasts, only the entire list.

The episode links use a podcasts.URL instead of itunes.apple.com, which even further bolsters the i Tunes rumors.

Using i Tunes to access podcasts is an unpleasant experience currently and feels outdated, and both Guilherme Rambo at and Steve Troughton-Smith report that Apple is planning to break i Tunes up into separate Music, TV, and Podcasts apps in the next version of mac OS.

However, this totally ruins the whole management aspect as I do not know what I have not listened to.

This is most annoying as some have dropped off the RSS feeds so I have to manually find them...

If you are still concerned, move the podcast files in another place… This way if you are too busy to watch podcasts for a while, but still would like to watch them later, you will know for sure that they are safe and i Tunes has not eaten them!

I think is as simple as changing the podcast setting to store all podcast forever, and download when new ones are available.

I have the options for each podcast set to that, and this has never happened.

It wasn’t until recently that I became aware that this feature has been available since i Tunes 9! I figure that if I, a self-proclaimed tech-a-holic, had no idea that automatic uploading from a watched folder in i Tunes was possible, there must be other people out there who are just as clueless as I once was. Previously, when you downloaded that totally rad new album via Bit Torrent you would have to drag and drop it into i Tunes. This outdated method of updating your music library is atrocious, and every other media player in this big, wide world is capable of auto-updating.

Well, there is actually a folder located inside your i Tunes Media folder labeled Automatically Add to i Tunes.

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