Updating galciv2 without serial code

For the past few weeks I’ve said to myself, “That’s it, let’s talk about something else now.” And then I end up authoring another one of these things.Another chance to put a few more whip-marks on the festering horse carcass that is the piracy debate.

Next week I will do my utmost to talk about something else. I think Velorath had the idea for this thread a while back, but I'll go ahead and do it. RSSwhen2010-09-30_090000&RSSid=1124445&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed: ignfeeds/xboxlive (IGN Xbox Live))This is great. Heh, I'd say most games with a cult following have their obnoxious parts. I'm not generally interested in handhelds, but I hope they get some demo units in stores since I'm curious to see what the 3D is like (plus Nintendo really needs to get them out there for marketing since you can't really just put game trailers up online for games with a heavy 3D emphasis).Not everything should have it's own thread I suppose. I've been wanting to replay and finally finish this game but didn't feel like hooking up my Gamecube, buying a wireless GC controller for the Wii, or using keyboard & mouse for the Steam version (has no gamepad support). Some of the encounters (at least one chase and stealth sequence) I remember as a source of frustration. In other news, the 3DS has been announced for a Feb. Personally I'd love to have a "useless gaming conversation" thread to just throw random news into that maybe doesn't need it's own thread, or to talk about stuff that might not fit into the "what are you playing" thread.Oh yea, you can get a deluxe preorder on that one, no problem". When I was at PAX, the average wait to play a hands-on demo of any given game was 30 mins to 2 hours. If he screws that up or it's an after thought, I'll probably never believe a damn thing that man says ever again.I walked up to where they had Fable 3 running, looked around and asked someone "where's the lineup for Fable 3"? It's been so long between fable 1 and 2, and now they're releasing 3 shortly after.

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