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He seized the opportunity to purchase the building in a prime location in Las Vegas just one mile from the strip, on Sahara Avenue where more than 50,000 cars pass by every day.He had taken many trips to Vegas on business and to attend industry shows and recognized the great opportunity when he saw the building vacant.There are live birds chirping and smooth jazz music quietly playing. Candy and lollypops are waiting at the counter under the full-size palm trees.The high-definition TV is playing a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, and a few customers are enjoying the massage chairs as they take a break from shopping.

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We get some of our merchandise in by pallet because we move so much merchandise.” It wasn’t always so successful.

Like any new business, La Isla Uniforms had to build its customer base. 26, 2002, it banked just 0 in sales for the day.

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rom the second a customer walks in the door, it is obvious that La Isla Uniforms of Las Vegas isn’t your average uniform store.

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