Two narcissists dating each other

In most cases, you cannot simply let your beard grow, even if you don’t mind looking like a hobo.

An unkempt beard quickly turns into a veritable nightmare both for you and those around you.

Getting emotionally close means giving up power and control. It not only limits their options and makes them feel weak, but also exposes them to rejection and feelings of shame, which they keep from consciousness at all costs.

(Lancer, 2014) Their anxious partners pursue them, unconsciously replaying emotional abandonment from their past. For loved ones of narcissists, doing the exercises and using the recommended strategies in can be helpful in dealing with a narcissist.

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So if your motive for growing a beard is laziness, you will probably be better off with your daily date with a razor.

Doing them can also help an ambivalent partner get clearer about whether he or she wants to stay in the relationship.

Bearded men are often perceived as being lazy people – too lazy for daily shaving, thus simply allowing their facial hair to grow.

Communicating their disappointment gets twisted and is met with defensive blame or further put downs. Nevertheless, they stay, because periodically the charm, excitement, and loving gestures that first enchanted them return, especially when the narcissist feels threatened that a break-up is imminent.

When two narcissists get together, they fight over whose needs come first, blame, and push each other away, yet are miserable needing each other.

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