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Some life experiences can impact a person's ability to trust others.

Trust is not an either/or proposition, but a matter of degree.

Traumatic life events may also cause issues with trust and safety for adults.

These life events could include: Being physically violated or attacked can also impact a person's trust in others. Veterans of military combat may also have difficulty with trust. Posttraumatic stress (PTSD) comes from exposure to severe or perceived danger.

Trust is the act of placing confidence in someone or something else. We are more willing to trust at some times than others. A total lack of mistrust would be a serious problem.

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This may improve their relationships and overall sense of well-being.

But pervasive feelings of mistrust can negatively impact a person's life. Some teens are bullied or treated as outcasts by peers. Being betrayed or belittled by others impacts self-esteem.

Self-esteem also plays a large role in a person’s capacity to trust.

People with low self-esteem may be less likely to trust others.

Those with higher self-esteem may be more self-assured.

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