Trend micro roaming mode not updating

If cached mode is allowed, you will run out of space on that server in about 20 minutes as everyones mailboxes are cached and login twice a year to look at it.

Its disabled because the admin smartly disabled it.

On a TS/Citrix box that is on the same local network, your users are more likely to see a slight performance hit by turning on cached mode. Yes, the larger the roaming profile the longer it takes to log in, as it has to send the data from the server to the local pc.

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So when you mean cached, Exchange server is caching all the emails until someone logs in to check it?

I think the cached exchange mode is enabled for normal (non-Citrix) Outlook users... not sure what you mean, sir Edit: the problem is, i just found out, is that server-level junk email filtering dont work for these users and i have to use the Outlook junk mail filter instead – which is crap..?

Wazzap has summed up why users would predominantly use cached mode, though there are other reasons too. The biggest issue is that users do not understand how they work.

They'll copy large files to the desktop or the documents folder if it hasn't been redirected to their home drive, and then complain about speed.

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