Todd herzog and spencer duhm still dating

Although Todd told After Elton that they are doing the take it slow thing which I find to be really nice, he also said we are planning a huge trip this summer.Spencer is spending spring break with Todd: hes coming to stay with me all next week, and I with him next month, Todd said, and its UFs spring break this week.

His fanaticism will give him a built-in edge that can make a direct contribution to how far he goes in this game.

However, Jalapao has been portrayed as a go-with-the-flow tribe, filled with likable characters lacking in strategery. Read/listen to the below interview to find out why. Castaway Interview: Spencer Duhm Remember the first time you saw Survivor?

Odds are it involved Richard Hatch running around in the buff, Sue Hawk cursing, or Greg Buis talking into a coconut.

With a resume like his, it’s no surprise that this self-professed lover of "water cooler gossip" can't stand slow-talkers or laziness and is very ambitious and very outgoing.

He is even willing to face his fear of heights for one million dollars but there is one fear that he refuses to face.

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