The problem with dating single moms

NONE of them met my children with the exception of one and my current boyfriend.I will never understand why women are so quick to introduce the kids.I don't want to meet your child at all, so that I'm not just another man coming in and out of their life.Once things get to a bf-gf level, then I will meet your child, with the complete understanding that I'm not just dating you, I'm dating both of you.Also, if your kid is an asshole, and you're not being a good mom to deal with it, then that's a deal breaker. You could be awesome, but if your kid sucks, and you suck as a parent, then I'm out.Overall, I will date a single mom, but they have to understand that the commitment to them is now way bigger with a child.

Every adult influences a child, and the closer the adult is the more they will influence the child.

I need to get to know you and figure out if I even think you will be a good influence on them, on me.

Until that criteria is met you won't meet them. I knew him for years and he knew the kids long before we even considered dating one another. I don't resent my mum at all & she will forever have all my love & respect, but you really hit home here.

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