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Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association, the Australian Sociological Association Project management, research assistance Bisexuality, queer, sexual health, women’s health, LGBTI, transgender Dr Grant is passionate about undergraduate teaching in Sociology and Gender Studies and aims to introduce diverse learners to sociological concepts and feminist theory in an accessible and engaging ways.Gender, Culture and Identity HGA272 / 372Sociology: Experiencing Social Life HGA102 Gender & World HAF105View more on Miss Ruby Grant in WARPRuby’s interdisciplinary qualitative work examines key questions in Sociology and Gender Studies including: - How is gender inequality reproduced in everyday life?Dr Ruby Grant is an Associate Lecturer and early career researcher in Sociology.

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Aboriginal people inhabited Trowunna (Tasmania) for up to 40 000 years before white settlement and practised a hunter and gatherer economy.In partnership with the Government-funded gender, sexuality and intersex status support and education service, Working It Out, we will conduct focus groups and interviews with teachers in relation to their support of LGBTI students and staff and explore their knowledge, attitudes and approaches to LGBTI-inclusive teaching practice and school cultures.This exploratory study aims to provide evidence-based directives for further professional learning and policy development in this area.Given the 3 year Safe Schools Coalition Australia program is ending in October, it is timely and crucial that informed, evidence-based resources be developed to explore practices that promote inclusive classrooms in Tasmania.Our findings will also inform and enhance partnering organisations ability to support pre-service teachers, Tasmanian teachers and school communities in embracing diverse and inclusive learning cultures.

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