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(And to be clear: his actual height is a non-issue; lying about it was the downside.) But when we actually started talking, I felt like all this dude wanted to do was prove how ~*intellectual*~ and different he was.

Strike one: He said he preferred to spend his money on experiences rather than things.

At that point, I realized I didn’t need to wait for three strikes.

I immediately came up with an exit plan: I needed to pick up a gift for my niece at Sephora.

In the summer between my third and fourth year of university, I went on the worst date ever.

After a night out, we were heading back to his (read: parents’) place and stopped into a bagel shop for drunk food.

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And he called it the “T-Wash” because his name was Trevor. When T-Wash, as he has now become known, got up to go to the bathroom, I texted my friends to tell them the date was a dud. For some reason, even though we were basically the only ones in the bar, the server took her sweet time coming over to us and as a result, I had to sit there and, at T’s request, explain why I wasn’t down for date numero dos.

After ordering, he said “watch this” and proceeded to steal a package of smoked salmon from the fridge and put it in his coat.

I was too scared to do anything, so I quietly waited for my food and got out of there ASAP.

I was 24 and living with my parents and figured new year, new me, right? My Tinder date, first of all, showed up to our date spot—a Timothy’s Cafe—unfashionably 30 minutes late.

He then proceeded to tell me about his anti-sex Catholic upbringing, his desire for a homemaking wife and his penchant for feet.

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