Size matters dating

Choosing a partner the right size may help to ensure a good start in life for your offspring.Recent research in GEE suggests that even simple organisms such as yeast are able to choose the best size mate to ensure their offspring survive and reproduce.Body size is important in both the asexual and sexual phases of yeast reproduction.Yeast cells must reach a certain critical size before they can bud asexual copies of themselves, although this critical size is smaller in poorer environments.Likewise, during sexual reproduction, the cell size of the offspring is determined by the cell size of the two spores that fuse together.GEE researchers first investigated how body size influenced reproductive success in both phases of yeast reproduction.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Are Sexual Yeast Cells Selecting the Right Sized Partner for their Environment?

Large males are often better at fighting off competing males, while large females generally produce more offspring. In some environments, small individuals may have a better chance of survival.

Across the animal kingdom, body size plays a crucial role in determining how successful individuals are at surviving and reproducing.

It’s no surprise that height plays a significant role in selecting a date offline.

Earlier this year, British and Dutch researchers studied more than 12,000 couples in the UK to compile data specifically on their height differences.

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