Single life vs dating

Adding more people to that unit may be intimate, fun and companionable, but does not complete anybody.” ― tags: bored-quotes, boredom-quotes, food-for-thought, loneliness-quotes, lonely-quotes, marriage-quotes, quote, quotes, relationship-quotes, single-life, single-woman, single-women, stephanie-lahart, stephanie-lahart-quotes, words-of-wisdom “Think of all the things that you, alone, don't have to do.

You don't have to turn out your light when you want to read, because somebody else wants to sleep.

The life is easy for single people, on the other hand the life is hard and complicated for married people.

There are certainly challenges of single and married life in itself.

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Single people only are as an indivual in the life, but married people are as a wife and a husband or a mother and a father in the life.

married people want to go out with their friends, they have to get the permission from their partners.

Single people have not the time constraint and make a program based on self, but married people they do not make a program based on self Single people they can choose who do not want to meet people, but married people can not decide it alone.

Troy is the window into the series, and introduces viewers to the rest of the colorful and lovelorn cast: Michael (Michael Goudge), Troy's best friend and stereotypical laid back yoga-performing West Coast guy; Sheri (Sheri Rabold), the sexy, smart, sassy busybody of the group; and of course, what would a Vancouver TV series be without a single dad and up-and-coming Vancouver real estate agent, in the form of "Chadillac" Chad Mayweather (Chad Riley).

This ensemble cast brings wacky-yet-heartfelt stories to life that we can all associate with, and adds a Vancouver twist.

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