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This made it comparatively easy to use and inexpensive to produce, and "Singer" rapidly became a household name in sewing.

Over the following decades, Singer continued developing his improved sewing machine to include the following features: By 1863, the Singer Manufacturing Company held 22 patents and sold 20,000 sewing machines yearly.

Some of the best sources for finding a vintage Singer machine include the following: Many of even the oldest Singer sewing machines are still in use because they were made to last.

Unlike machines of today, these old machine were made of heavy duty materials and easily replaced parts.

It was the first portable electric machine and included a bolted on electric light so that the work was easier to see.

The Featherweight, model 221, was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair.

Most importantly, the machine was the first to have a foot pedal instead of a hand crank. It was black with a gold scroll design on the machine.If you can find one in its original case and with the accessories, it will be worth more than just the machine. These are considered by many collectors to be the best machines that Singer ever produced.The machines sewed seams smoothly, with little vibration The Singer Blackside was manufactured during the years of World War II.If the instruction manual is missing, you can often get another at the Singer website.Whether you treasure antique Singer sewing machines because they bring back nostalgic memories of years past, are historically significant, or simply beautify your home, you're not alone.

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