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After paying the predetermined fee, it's Face, time. Heck, it appears some of them even get a free i Phone 4 just for coming on board.

As you might expect, parental watchdog groups are up in arms over these developments.

They're worried, apparently, that Face Time could connect children to pornography or sexual predators.

Allow me to offer a simple retort: how many parents out there are giving their tweens an i Phone 4 in the first place? I'm certainly intrigued to see how this all plays out, but I'd argue that if history has taught us anything, it's that porn finds a way.

Oh, and lets not forget who was among the first to embrace online video streaming and credit card payments.

It should come to no surprise, then, that various porn peddlers are ramping up some brand-new video-sex chat services designed exclusively for the i Phone 4's celebrated Face Time feature. Here's the idea: you've got an i Phone 4, a sexy girl (or guy) somewhere not in your location has an i Phone 4. Not a bad market to tap, porn industry; at the moment, there's more than 3 million i Phone 4 users out there, and I'm sure plenty of them might be interested in a service like this. As reported in the Huffington Post, there are active Craigslist ads in at least five U. cites that are seeking models exclusively for video sex on Face Time.

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