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Open wound day is depending on each surgical techniques. Urination The urine will be removed with the wound dressing on day 5. Using the genital skin, and do not do graphs may open the wound on day 4. After removing the urinary catheter and wound dressing, lie down over the knee and stretch the legs for about 30 minutes to stop the bleeding. It happens when a person’s physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered.Sex change is part of a treatment for gender disorder for transgender and transsexual.

Because of the doctors often place urinary tract, as a result, patient may feel want to pee always. Because after surgery does not require frequent defecation. Duration of stay in the hospital Generally, patients stay in the hospital for 4 to 6 days. It can be caused by two factors: blood stains and blood streaks that block the exit of the urethra. However, our hospital regards to safety that centers on patients first principle.Big breasted Tittiporn returns to Thai Poony in an all new video. She was discovered by the same photog that started the Creampie Thais series so you know he has an eye for quality.Besides having the most perfect Asian breasts, she also boasts the sex performance of a seasoned pornstar.During the first and second postoperative period, there is no need for defecation, with no faeces in the anus. In general, this symptom will improve on the 1st and 2nd postoperatively.

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