Secular view on dating and mating dating intimacy god rules

READ MORE Humanist Sociology – Non-Traditional Family, Church, and State Humanists use sociology to explain the huge gulf between their view that man is capable of perfection and the real world of evil.They say civilization and culture shape the individual.

READ MORE Secular Politics – Liberalism, Progressivism, Secular World Government According to the Secular Worldview, Humanists believe that the world government is the next logical step on man’s evolutionary road to utopia, as man is now conscious of his evolution and is responsible to direct it.

If man is only matter, then his actions are simply the result of mechanical impulses.

This notion, called behaviorism, is inconsistent because it directly contradicts the Humanist’s atheistic theology and naturalistic philosophy, which claim that man is the master of his fate.

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Secular Worldview – The Individual Elements The Secular Worldview is a comprehensive view of the world from a materialistic, naturalistic standpoint.

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