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Nature has endowed each of us with a marvelous array of talents.She is delighted when we use them and share them with others.And when we do she rejoices and supports our activity.The key to knowing if we are utilizing her gifts is when we love something deeply. When we love something, Nature rewards us with a deeper insight. Of course, there are some folks who have painted themselves in a corner due to bad choices and other violations of Natural Law.We begin to appreciate subtler values of that which we love and because subtle is more powerful, we begin to see ways to harness that subtle. Those folks have obviously got to let the paint dry before they can venture forth with complete freedom.But what hastens the drying process is focusing on that which pleases Nature.

Here is what impresses Nature – enthusiasm, love, giving, developing our unique gifts and qualities, doing stuff that promotes health, clarity, and creativity.

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Nature will reward and encourage that direction with fruit.

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