Rules dating my daughter

As much as I’d like to keep my precious bub wrapped safely in my arms I know I it’s like trying to hold back the tide and one day she’ll be a young woman.

I’m guessing those rules are what all of us have been thinking but didn’t think we could actually ever say it.Educating Charlie about menstruation or discussing sexual behaviour as Charlie is getting ready for a date is all in my future, dodging, squirming, and wincing aren’t reactions that are going to help Charlie feel comfortable in her own skin or confident about who she is.Dads don’t wince over things they’re proud of or happy about in their kids and Charlie already understands this.In addition, yes, when the time is right, I would love grandkids, however, being 50 years older than Charlie time may not be on my side.I want to show her that how she looks does not matter and is not something she should seek validation.

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