Responsible for updating

If you need fingerprint cards for IRS e-file, acceptance agent program, EFIN or other e-service, use the procedures specific to that program. The request should include the requestor's name and mailing address.

Two cards and complete instructions will be mailed to each requestor.

IH-35, Stop 6380 AUSC Attn: CPEOFPC Austin, TX 78741 Two cards should be completed and returned for each individual in case one is not useable.

Photocopies of fingerprint cards are not acceptable.

You may update or change any previously submitted information on your RIPA if your License Rank on the Main Menu of the Online Registration System shows “Responsible Individual.” Access your online account and go to the Main Menu page of the Online Registration System.

Under “Manage Your License Information” you will see an option to “Update RI Account Information.” Click the “Select” button to begin your update or make changes.

In one sense, everyone is ultimately responsible for USING a strategic plan, but in terms of implementation, the KEY player is the leader of the organization, often the CEO, COO, or other similar senior position.

Strategic plans, or "grand plans" have to do, at least initially with the overall direction of the company or organization, so in theory, and often in practice it is the CEO that will be held accountable for results that should be generated through the implementation of a strategic plan.

If you are ordering fingerprint cards for individuals and want to have the cards mailed to multiple addresses, you will need to provide a separate email request for each individual and the individual’s corresponding address.This may include waiving confidentiality and privilege in situations where the IRS may be obstructed in obtaining or confirming information from relevant third parties (such as former employers) because of the existence of confidentiality, non-disclosure, or similar agreements.RIPAs are reviewed in conjunction with the CPEO application.The RIPA gathers information that will allow the IRS to perform a suitability check on the responsible individual.A RIPA is required for all responsible individuals identified within a CPEO Application and it must be submitted through the IRS Online Registration System after the responsible individual verifies his or her identity through the Identity Verification process on the same registration system.

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