Raptr not updating twitter dating point co uk

If you are looking to bring media (photos, videos and Cards) into the timeline, please consider one of the following options: Once you’ve been whitelisted for your domain, our web crawlers re-index the meta information on your tag roughly every week.If you’re testing and/or iterating on your Cards, it is sometimes helpful to test updates.To test the video content directly, try the following in Google Chrome: The most common cause of this is that you have not yet been whitelisted for approval.Please run your example URL through the Card Validator, and click the Request Approval button to begin the whitelist process.If your Player Card was rejected, read through the documentation again, test your Player Card in the validator, and then resubmit.The Player Card has a number of guidelines, which you can read on the Player Cards Do’s & Don’ts section.When testing and/or iterating on Cards, it is sometimes helpful to test updates on your timeline.It may be possible to use the following technique to refresh the cache with your most up-to-date changes of your page’s Card.

Our web crawlers re-index the Card tag information on your page roughly every week.Note that the browser address has the “lock” icon to indicate a secure browsing environment In the toolbar, click on View-Developer Tools In the below pane, click on the Network tab.Under the Tweet, click on the “View Media” link to expand the Twitter Card If the “lock” icon is intact, you’ve maintained a secure browsing environment If the “lock” icon is replaced with an “unlocked icon”, you’ve maintained a secure but passive mixed content environment If the “lock” icon is covered with a red ‘X’, the active mixed-content/SSL issue is present.After approval, re-try the URL to ensure that the Player Card appears.There are a number of possible reasons causing this.

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