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On , Chris announced that he was abandoning the CWCipedia to the trolls.On 30 October 2010, Chris claimed that the trolls drained his creativity and scared him away from drawing any more Sonichu.

Sonichu #10 was intended to wrap up the "first season" of Sonichu.

Token attempts to tell Sonichu stories and introduce Sonichu spin-off characters were made in #3, but all pretense was dropped in #4-#7 as the series becomes a vehicle for Christian, as the leader of a heroic band of recolors, to battle against a college dean, a group of ineffectual security guards, store managers, and later on, Internet trolls and other people who made fun of the comic.

Originally it was mostly innocent and harmless, being the by-product of a simple man with a childish imagination, until it became an outlet to call out trolls, explore his depraved sexual desires and live out his violent revenge fantasies.

This opened a can of worms as to the current vision of the comics: was Sonichu intended to be the hit action/adventure soap-opera TV show that is broadcast in CWCville, or was it the historical documentation of Christian's and Sonichu's life and times?

Perhaps it was destined to be the Gospel from the Stay-at-Home Autistic Virgin Male, hallowed be His name.

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