Problems updating xbox 360 dashboard

This explains why the histograms from our Skyrim timelapse captures in our original article weren't the same limited-range RGB as the Need for Speed movie we created for testing.In short, the problem with colour reproduction isn't as simple as first thought - it's borked to varying degrees depending on the display mode chosen, and colour reproduction changes once again depending on how reference levels are set on your console (here we are using expanded, full-range RGB to match the capabilities of our capture technology).

As you can see when clicking on the thumbnails, just about all the detail is being resolved on the older front end, but the Metro dash's 720p and 1080p images are effectively identical in terms of core resolution.

Other services appear to be artificially limited in the new video marketplace apps.

For example, streaming service Vudu offers 1080p24 movies via its "HDX" service but in its FAQ it mentions that "Xbox 360 is limited to HD only (720p)." Once again, the 720p limitation was reported during the dashboard preview programme and in common with the video levels issue we have reports that Microsoft deleted threads that referenced it.

Secondly, the fact that Xbox 360 owners can no longer play back their 1080p videos at native resolution via the dashboard player is bit of a blow, and is clearly a real problem for a console that is looking to beef up its media credentials.

The issue appears to impact the dashboard player and all of the "apps" you can download to stream video, but the legacy code from the Media Center Extender still appears to work fine.

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