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Our Sales are focused on: Retail Consumers, Dealers and Government Agencies (Internationally).

Our mission is to be the distributor of choice for our end user customer and our re sellers, providing excellent products, technology, service and support and thereby always exceeding their expectations.

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Hidden cam porn provides voyeuristic thrills as the stars of the scenes typically have no idea they're being filmed.

GPS Trackers Do you feel like you’re being watched? We also offer highly confidential, superior private investigation services ranging from matrimonial services, corporate services and other investigative services.

Private Investigations Spytek offers a range of room, car and /or body worn hidden camera solutions – covert video/ spy cameras / nanny cameras that can be secretly installed within a household or office and can be used secretly to monitor and record any activity in that room where the units have been placed.

A valuable addition for any wildlife photographer, hunter or gamekeeper this trail camera can be set up well before the season starts ensuring your in the know of all the best locations to observer ort hunt your quarry.

With a 1/3 inch CMOs sensor and 20 meter IR coverage this hunting camera is effecting both night and day, set the adjustable PIR sensor to only pick up the movement you want so you won't waste batteries recording small wildlife when your big game hunting.

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