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I even set up a mail filter to move the girls with kids to a separate inbox. I despise those Dorito-eating clowns for ruining a good thing.In the summer of 2016, I had a stretch of Tinder scores that ended in 20 new girls in 9 days, no kidding.That was the most prolific run in a short time I’ve had anywhere in the world.Now, let’s fast forward again to my return to Manila in the second half of 2017.The first time I traveled to the Philippines in 2014, I used instead of Filipino Cupid to make most of my leads.In the midst of my journey, Dateinasia banned me due to copying and pasting too many messages to girls.I picked up more scores than Tom Brady on Sundays and experienced the quintessence of carnal paradise.My confidence soared so high that cold approaching outside became second nature, but I always had Filipino Cupid to rely on throughout the bulk of my quest.

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About a week ago, I decided to cut back my Tinder usage and see if Filipino Cupid still holds merit in 2018.

So I tried Tinder once, but wasn't planning to meet anyone.

I just wanted to try if I can pull off a Barney Stinson move.

She got impressed, curious about my business and the meeting.

Then suddenly she asked if there's any vacant job position available in my company and she would like to apply. HIJO DE LA GRAN PUTAI am 1.73m turned 38 & used to be 129kg at 50% body fat. Tinder taught me that if I did not lose body fat and increase muscle mass, eat & slept better then I will end up with women who I do not find physically attractive nor would bring out the version of me.

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