Phoenix firmware updating failed

Individual files may timeout if you perform the update from a remote computer.

If you are not on-site, we recommend establishing a remote connection to a computer that Update your Room Alert Monitor using a firmware file that ends in

Some browsers unfortunately change the extension to during download.

If you download a file, don’t use it; instead, please try the download again from a different browser so that you get it as a

If it says it has not updated successfully, check the "Software Status" to find the problem.

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If you see any of the below symptoms after trying to update your device’s firmware, it may indicate that the firmware update process failed.That was the moment when my phone died I tried to reflash it using Navi Firm Ex_v1_5_2_english (for geting firmware), and Phoenix_Service_Software_2011.8.3.45122.During update I receive bellow error : Flashing finalization failed. HRESULT 0x8421001c (-2078212068) Firmware: Cannot verify communication to phone after flashing.Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises To be able to update the PCM Firmware, you must have the Phoenix Framework installed in the robo RIO.Alternate instructions: The Road Elec/Phoenix-Documentation#before-you-write-any-software Go to the section "Before you write any software!

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