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There is a 4G-internet access and two 50” flat screens that can be used either for watching TV or as a presentation screens.

The dining room is connected to the terrace and the forest garden in which both the sauna and hot tubs reside. Accommodation: The main villa has 10 bed places, the 3 bed chambers have a total of 8 bed places each and the dining/meeting room has 2 bed places on the convertible couch. In addition, the humble small shed outside has space for 2–4 persons to sleep in.

Kitchen: Tableware for 20 persons, an electric stove and oven, a large fridge, a freezer, a dishwasher, a microwave, a Moccamaster, an electric kettle and a toaster.

Sauna, Showers and Bathrooms: The indoor sauna sits 6 to 8 persons at a time.

There is also a 40” flat TV with HDMI connection, which enables small and cosy meetings.

Mini Villa and Outdoor Sauna: A separate wood heated sauna, which takes up to 8 persons at the sauna benches.

The dressing room has an u-shaped sofa set, which has room for 6–8 persons and 3 1 bed places.

Experience Outward Bound on one of our The experience of helping a fellow man in danger, or even of training in a realistic manner to be ready to give this help, tends to change the balance of power in a youth's inner life with the result that compassion can become the master motive.

renovated for modern comforts as well as year-round use!

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