Nude avatars

I've wondered about this before, and the best comment pointed out that porn often has tiny budgets, so probably just can't afford to make games.

But equally, isn't it curious that games very rarely include sex or nudity as part of the package, like movies and television often (always! Kratos has sex in God of War, hilariously, with two chicks, but he's offscreen.

I would pay real cash in the Lot RO store for new default 'nude' outfits for my characters, even if they were consumables that permanently changed the default look. Haha, remember that craziness for Disney's "Fantasia"?

People give a fuck about celebrities and hence this fucking post of the sexiest female celebrities showing off their bums, tits, and naughty bits – all brought to you by the magic of GIFs!

Now forever enjoy what these celebrities will never have!

I'm not asking for anything racy or sleazy - just simple boxer style shorts for males and a halter top/shorts for females. Add me to the list of folks who would happily pay real money for tasteful underwear/swimwear.

And I would love love love if there was a toggle button that enabled me to strip down in one click when I get to the swimming hole. EDIT: Here's an example of my GW2 character at the beach. That was very much on purpose, basically to discourage players from running around in their underwear (something the immature would flock to if it looked cool or sexy).

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