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He explains very well, very supportive, and the entire team, my co-stars--Urvashi, Vivaan and Karan-- we all got along so well and we became a family.” Asking her opinion on actors getting threatened openely these days, she said,”We actors are passionate people.

What we are doing is what we have been given in a script we are just portraying it on screen.

I was getting offers during modelling days,but the problem with me is that, till I don't get expert at anything, I don't try my hands.

So the kind of character Vishal was looking for they found in me, and that's how I got the offer and it all started.” Ihana, whose early modelling days started in the US, when asked that why she did not try her hands in Hollywood said,” I was based in New York when I started my modelling. But then I shifted back to India because I am very attached to my parents and they still live in Punjab. Then I got my first offer of Punjabi film and now I am making my debut in Bollywood , so in future if something good comes up in Hollywood, I will do.

For me language is not a barrier, it all depends where you get good work.” Ihana who is a hotel management student told that she started modelling during her college days only.

So it has variations--she is romantic, soft but on the other side she is very stubborn, strong headed. So it wasn't challenging but a little difficult for me.

But it was amazing working with everyone.” Ihana who learned to fire a gun during the shoot of the movie said,”For fun sake I knew shooting but professionally I never learned it. There is only one scene in the movie where I had to fire a gun, but ofcourse there were trainers and action masters who were there to teach us.

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