New dating application on facebook international marriage dating club

And in the biggest similarity, singles on both services can start conversations not by merely saying hello but by commenting on a specific profile item.

For example, you can click on a picture of a crush's trip to Morocco and mention that you've been there too.

"I think most utility patents in this space face the same problems," he says.

(Utility patents protect new machines, processes, and other inventions).

Facebook didn't respond to requests for comment about the similarities.

Hinge, meanwhile, is playing it off as a compliment."When the Hinge team saw the similarity between our designs, particularly the profile and liking interaction, we congratulated each other.

Facebook hasn't yet begun to test Dating, but the demo version touted on stage by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and chief product officer Chris Cox looks nearly identical to Hinge.

Daniel Nazer, a staff attorney on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's intellectual property team, thinks Tinder's case faces many of the same pitfalls.Hinge uses info from the social network to show you potential matches that have friends in common with you.You can also automatically pull in your Facebook photos and other information.Again, Facebook Dating has yet to launch, so it's impossible to know exactly how much it has in common with Hinge.But at first glance, they seem nearly identical, not just because they have the same features but also in the way they're designed.

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