Never leave voicemail dating

Less and less people do it, hell, I know I and almost everyone I know don’t because we assume that if someone was calling about something important they’d call again.That’s why you should avoid that nasty little voicemail every single time you call a woman: call her and hang up after you hear the dial tone for the third time, because voicemail is activated right after it. And here’s why it works so well: – Waiting for 5 minutes before you call her back shows that you’re not needy, have stuff to do and that you’re not sitting around, hoping she’ll call.It makes you come across as hard to get and by now you know that it’s something you should strive for.– Just like you don’t know if she’s available right now when you call her, she doesn’t know either.There is a tiny exception to the rule though: don’t wait 5 minutes if you’re about to meet her for a date, because she probably wants to know where you are or can’t find her way around wherever you’re meeting her.If you let her wait for 5 minutes now, she’ll probably get angry, stressed and the whole nine yards…Coloring outside of the lines isn't for everyone—especially if you work in a formal corporate environment.

The 5 Minute Rule has given me so many success that I have a hard time summarizing it here in a short sentence: women asking me if I was talking to another chick (which shows they want to keep me all to themselves), women almost literally stalking me by calling me 3 times in a row and so on…

Generally speaking, you should also sound alert (i.e., don't record your message when you're feeling groggy), don't stumble over your words (i.e., enunciate your words), spell your name or email address if appropriate (i.e.

[email protected] opposed to [email protected]), and don't ramble on—people are busy and only want to hear what's most important.

Hope you liked these tips for what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone man…

To More Dating Success, Carlos Xuma Win With Women P. Only 1 in 5 women will date you after you get their number, unless you know why the other 4 say \"NO\" and what to do about it.

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