Most intimidating fans in football

In 2016, the Toronto Blue Jays made it back to the playoffs for just the second time since winning back to back World Series championships in the early 90s.So fans were obviously excited for the game, especially after the season before and the now famous ‘bat flip’ that had fans screaming.There is painting your face to show your colors, and then there is rioting in the streets because you lost.Whatever the case may be, there are some sports fans that take the games a little too seriously and have to remember, it’s all just a game played by a bunch of people.The octopus is a tradition for fans of the Detroit Red Wings, one that dates back to 1952 when the Stanley Cup playoffs were just two, best-of-seven series, which required eight victories to win it all.So it made sense to use the eight arms of the octopus as a symbol for it.Seattle Seahawks fans know a thing or two about taking cheering too far, but in their case, it earned them a world record.

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The incident gained national attention as everyone was searching for the thrower, who was eventually caught and banned from the stadium for life, according to the CBC.

Traveling from city to city will give anyone a taste of the culture.

But if someone wants to know what the people are really about, perhaps they should check out one of their local sports teams and see how the fans react to wins and losses, and how they treat outsiders. There is nothing wrong with that at all, except when it goes too far and is dangerous to other people, the players in the game and causes serious damage to the stadium or the city.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating a big victory, but rioting is taking it too far.

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the largest stadiums in the league, with a massive HD video board, perfect for their massive fanbase.

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