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Lance, a soft-spoken ex-military guy whose real name is not Lance, started attending Mars Hill Church in early 2008, became a full member before the year was out, and by October of 2010 was deeply and happily immersed in the life of the church.It was, he says, "like a second family." Around that time, Lance says he "did something I shouldn't have done." (I told Lance I wouldn't divulge his "sins," but they were amorous indiscretions that anyone who isn't a fundamentalist Christian, Jew, or Muslim would find extremely minor.) Lance said he "felt like a hypocrite," so he voluntarily confessed and submitted to six months of counseling and spiritual probation.The devotionals in this blog are the lessons that have taken us deeper into the things of God and strengthened each of us in unique ways to carry out the work the Lord has given us to do.We hope that you will find them beneficial as well.In Mars Hill parlance, "community groups" are breakout sessions that happen throughout the week.Everyone attends a weekend service at one of the 11 Mars Hill campuses to watch a live broadcast of Driscoll preaching from his Ballard church, and then attends various community groups—often in people's homes—to discuss the week's lesson.Lance balked, but his pastor insisted: "I'm the authority over you," the pastor said, according to Lance. "We don't even think you were a Christian to begin with," the pastor retorted, according to Lance, and left the room. Not only was he barred from speaking with his now-former friends at the church, Lance says his pastor threatened to contact any future church that he might attend.

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But that autumn, he had a disagreement with one of his pastors over a building-safety issue during a church party.

Lance calls the church culture "manipulative" and says, "I don't want this to happen to other people...

It's how people wound up drinking Kool-Aid." He adds, "I still love Jesus.

On January 23, Andrew released some internal church disciplinary documents to the blog

Andrew had sinned by kissing a woman who wasn't his fiancée and then confessed the sin to his community-group leader.

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