Love is a dog from hell dating notes updating

The reason being that the majority of us find fulfillment through the comfort of a deeply committed and romantic relationship.

In fact, 88% of Americans cite love as being the top reason they choose to get married, so it’s easy to acknowledge that the idea of love plays a pretty big role in all of our lives.

That’s the tricky thing about love, we can feel it in a variety of different states–when we’re happy, sad, angry, confused or excited–and our attitudes about love can range from affectionate love, to infatuation and pleasure.

Think about it: if you say you’re in love with someone, but your friends or family don’t see the chemistry, you might be angry when they tell you that it “doesn’t look like love.” Are they wrong? How does one know who to believe–thus, as we do in this age, we search the Internet, desperately seeking to know what, exactly, is love.

From the scientific point of view, love is a powerful and permanent neurological condition.

And why is it that, even when we don’t fully understand what exactly love is, we tend to make decisions–good and bad–based on love?

Love is one of the most profound emotions we experience as humans.

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