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But instead of giving up entirely, he was completely understanding, and we continued to email long letters to each other.

The letters were mostly friendly but with some light flirting on both our ends.

While the age gap had initially made me hesitant about pursuing him romantically, I had grown so comfortable talking to him, I felt like we’d known each other forever. His reply came almost immediately, and it was decided that we’d meet the next week.

When our brunch date finally came, I saw the same slightly shy, smiling face right where I’d last left it.

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One bad date in particular really made me think hard about whether I should ask Jason out.

He’d been a kind, active listener; a great friend; and an amazing support system.

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While our courtship was unconventional in the age of dating apps, I’d argue that our long emails let us express ourselves and be honest in ways we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, had I just taken his number that day in the store and started texting and dating him in the same week.

Maybe it's because I'm a writer, but I really loved getting to see his world and who he was through his words.

Talking to each other felt natural and fun, not stilted and awkward, like so many app dates had. After brunch, I wanted to hang out longer, so I made up an excuse that I had to go to an Italian shop a few blocks away to buy cheese and asked him to join.

Even to this day, he jokingly tells me that’s the moment he fell in love with me.

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