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However, sexy is something, which is more to do with the figures and curves and nothing to do with beauty.An average looking girl could be very sexy and a beautiful girl may not be that sexy.but that's my opinion u guyz will always put lables on girls just because you decide what is beauty!! stupid questions i know but i know as from raja that lahori girls gain soooo much weight LOL.

Here you can find beautiful girls wearing all kinds of lingerie, sexy pantyhose, panties, bra and to answer the question, i think girls from karachi, lahore as well as islamabad are attractive, as they relatively dress up well and follow latest fashion.but it does not mean that girls from small towns are not.IMHO when we look at Karachi and highlight at all the nationalities, ethnicities and races which are there, ofcourse we should know that Karachi girls represent the whole sub continent in this little part of Pakistan. hi this is the reply to some1 who said you cant find sindhi girls well thats not true you can find many beautiful sindhi girls everywhere in sindh but most of them wouldnt be hot in terms of sexy but they have beauty .Its therefore my conclusion that Karachi girls are ofcourse the most beautiful (you can call them 'sexy' if you want) owing to the fact that they represent such a vast area and culture of the whole subcontinent of south Asia ..... And mahnoor baloch and atiqa odho are two sindhi sindhi woemn on tv and both of them were beautiful when young and also unlike many people are also aging very beautifully. beauty is not limited yo any area but sexiness may be coz its something engrained in the culture and in our country its changes a bit every few in that case karachi and lahore would stand out lahore more i dont know y they just dressup in more sexy may go for that look but as a girl i find simplicity more attractive and thats sewyness and prettyness that all can sense but beauty is much more and a very vast term and includes a lot more then model typr lookss ect take care all bye stupid question!

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