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In real life, pioneers of human-android romance now have a name, “digisexuals,” which some academics and futurists have suggested constitutes an emergent sexual identity.

Whether the notion is absurd, inevitable or offensive, it raises more than a few questions.

(A male version named Henry with a bionic penis is in the works.).

The robots, which start at ,000, are designed to provide companionship as much as sex, said Matt Mc Mullen, the company’s founder.

Self-identification is not the same as identity, and some classes of description now may be closer to metaphor.

But the idea that flesh-and-blood humans may actually forge fulfilling emotional, or even sexual, relationships with digital devices is no longer confined to dystopian science fiction movies like “Ex Machina” and “Her,” stories in which lonely techies fall too hard for software-driven femme fatales.

“They haven’t had contact with humans, and really don’t have any interest in sex with people.

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One by one these technologies come along and there’s this wave of panic.

The authors delineated between “first wave” digisexuality (online pornography, hookup apps, sexting and electronic sex toys), where the tech is simply a delivery system for sexual fulfillment, and “second wave” digisexuality.

Those practitioners form deeper relationships through immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and A.

Efforts to import the idea to the United States have met with resistance.

Houston enacted a ban in October after a Canadian sex robot maker tried to open an experiential showroom called Adult Love Dolls Brothel.

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