Kenya sex chart

In fact, the population density is so high that in areas with a high potential for agriculture, it is about 6 times higher than the country’s average of 55 people per square kilometre.The rural economy is almost entirely dependent on subsistence farming which accounts for about 75% of the county’s entire agricultural output.Kenya has one of the highest literacy rates in sub-Saharan Africa with over 85% of the population above 15 years able to read and write.Despite such impressive statistics, poverty in Kenya has remained doggedly at the same level down the decades.

About 79% of Kenyans live in rural areas where they depend on subsistence agriculture for their livelihood.

Vast regions to the north of the country, especially near borders with Southern Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia are populated by nomadic communities.

Dependent on rearing livestock and living in areas neglected by both the colonial and subsequent independent Kenya administrations, these communities are desperately poor.

Poverty in Kenya is a complex paradox which requires an in-depth look to appreciate and understand.

In 2013, this East African nation of about 40 million was ranked 145th among 186 countries in terms of Human Development Index by the United Nation’s Development Programme.

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