Joshua harris i kissed dating goodbye summary

"Bye, Nicole," she said to the girl in the office beside her. When I was twenty-one, I wrote about my experience in I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

"See you tomorrow, Helen," she called to the receptionist. I wanted to challenge other singles to reconsider the way they pursued a romance in light of God's Word.

I chose a lonely table in the far left corner of the restaurant. I worried about whether I should prop my feet up on a chair. At the time she'd just returned to Maryland from college in New Hampshire, where she'd lived the typical party life.

It was slightly dirty, so I asked the server to wipe it off. It was an empty life lived for herself-a life ruled by sin.

She would set her sights on a goal, and then do whatever was needed to get there.

I'd reached a point where I felt ready to pursue marriage, and I was deeply attracted to her. For five years I'd experienced God's faithfulness as I waited on romance; now I was stepping into the unknown believing that He would continue to be faithful as I pursued romance. I couldn't believe that I was doing this-that in only a few minutes she would be sitting across from me. The first thing I noticed about Shannon was her eyes-they were a bluish, greenish, gray color, and they sparkled when she smiled. Exactly five feet tall, Shannon defines the word petite. At only five feet six inches myself, a girl who actually looked up into my eyes was a rare find.

Her guitar lessons would turn out to be soul saving.

After a few weeks of lessons, Brian told Shannon how Jesus had changed his life.

She listened politely but said she could never live like he did.

"I respect you, but that's not for me.""Do you think you're going to heaven?

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