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Most foreign men are willing to make the first move to approach a Japanese girl.That’s probably one reason why you’ll find more couples where the man is foreign and the woman is Japanese.The majority of Japanese men admit that they’re never saying the “3 little words” (I love you).They hardly ever give compliments such as “You look so beautiful today.” As a woman, if you never get to hear such words, it makes you feel insecure and unloved.As a Japanese man you’re being raised to be the breadwinner, supporting your family. While this traditional thinking is slowly changing, it’s still very present.Quite a few Western women I interviewed complained that their Japanese boyfriend has never time because of work.

It makes me sad that some think it’s impossible and give up before even trying, especially foreign women.

Please don’t stick to the old-fashioned idea that men should always make the first move.

If you like a Japanese guy, you should at least give him an obvious hint (e.g. And hopefully, he’s going to notice your feelings and ask you out if he’s also interested in you.

Growing up in Japan, I thought it’s completely normal to work all day long with lots of overtime.

What makes me sad is that it’s not because we’re workaholics or passionate about our jobs, but because work in Japan is extremely inefficient.

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