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At times there are author attributions at the end of one of these posts.Other times, “Buffalo Rising” is simply offered up as the creator of the article.Indeed, the most frightening aspect of the Invisible Empire was its ability to attract ordinary law-abiding citizens.” (Lay, pp.82-83) Lead image: A new member being sworn into the Tiger’s Eye Society in 1922. The secret society was known as the invisible jungle and the knights wore black masks and gowns that hid their faces and bodies. K Kowalski, Daniel The Ku Klux Klan in Buffalo, New York, 1922-1924: A Case Study Greensboro, NC: MA Thesis, University of North Carolina, 1972 History Museum call number: HS 2330 .

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In spite of hostility to the Klan from the Buffalo press, the Catholic Diocese, and leading rabbis and African-Americans, the Buffalo chapter’s first public ceremony took place in a vacant field on Harlem Road on October 25, 1922 (Lay, p.45The Klan soon found allies among white middle-class Protestants, who considered Mayor Schwab’s administration to be corrupt and tolerant of vice, as demonstrated by his unwillingness to prosecute illegal drinking establishments. Thousands of Buffalonians flocked to view the roster and note the names of friends, neighbors, and associates, many of whom quickly distanced themselves from the organization.In the early 1920s, after decades of dormancy, the Ku Klux Klan was resurgent, gaining new recruits in the Northeast by using modern sales techniques in which recruiters received commissions for signing new members.Capitalizing on anxieties about “foreigners” and racial purity, the Klan found new members in locales with otherwise strong traditions of interracial progress and tolerance. Openly advocating white supremacy and white nationalism, the Klan was known for racist rhetoric and violence against African-Americans, Jews, Catholics, and immigrants. men [joined] simply out of curiosity or because they did not want to be left out of what appeared to be an up-and-coming organization.In either case, the writing is original to Buffalo Rising.From Apples to Zucchini, there is something for everyone all season long!

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