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In 2012, Gandhi made her first appearance on the Steve Harvey show, after being approached by one of the show’s producers.

She has since become a regular dating correspondent, offering tips and tricks to viewers.

She also brought on other date coaches to assist throughout process.

“Most coaching is fragmented and unregulated,” Gandhi said.

“This is really the only environment where you can get that bulk growth very quickly and very easily and inexpensively,” he said.

From there, they will come for a three-hour jump start consultation at the Four Seasons in Chicago.

Clients can then choose to work with the team anywhere from three to 12 months.

“And so a milestone for us is really having a team of people, and people following a procedure that I know that has really been something I’ve been proud of because people told me ‘Oh, there’s no way you can replicate yourself.

People are going to want to work with you.’ And people are plenty happy working with my team, and that gives me great satisfaction.” One of the date coaches is Lindsay Anderson, whose friend saw Gandhi on TV and encouraged Anderson to reach out.

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